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How can I set up this menu?

  • Step 1: Install the Accordion Menu for Joomla or Magento or WordPress!
  • Step 2: Choose a source type! Now the Accordion Menu supports 11 components on Joomla platform, the default Magento and WordPress menu system. Ohh and the most important that you get all installer with one purchase!
  • Step 3: Configure the theme settings. Instead of the complicated CSS editing now you can change every piece of style from the module settings!
  • Specific parameter settings on this menu:

    • Skin Bold theme - Light green skin (It's one of our predefined skin, but technically you can create unlimited variation)
    • Animation Scale up
    • Opening image Position set to left
    • Category counter ON
    • Always opened Level 2 always unfolded, it's opened and the controls are disabled.
    • Source VirtueMart categories (but it works with all component and CMS system)
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